Watch This UFO Cloud Forming and Glowing As It Grows, May 25, 2011, UFO Sighting and Paranormal News.

Date of sighting: May 25, 2011
Location of sighting: Pflugerville, Texas, USA

I just wish the filming had started earlier and we might have seen the metallic UFO before it forms the cloud cloak.

This amazing time lapse video of a cloud forming actually shows it growing from the middle out and shows the center top of the UFO cloud glowing brightly from within. This is one awesome cloud and as it grows it forms a giant UFO disk. At that point the cloud stops growing and relaxes.

This is an amazing video of a UFO forming its cloak and being captured doing it. Again and again I keep repeating about information of the Fort Belvoir UFO Cloud Ring where a US soldier recorded a UFO metal ring in the sky with many shots so he has it before the cloud and after the cloud is formed. In all he took about 10 shots, each show a different stage of of the metal UFO deeper and deeper in the cloud it made. (1957)

This odd cloud grows from the center, glows and... by ScottCWaring

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  1. Hi,
    what is mistic about this thunderstorm cloud? The only problem with this video is that it is recoreded with a cheap camera which is not able to deliver real colors while recorded during sunset. Otherwise it is an ordinary strong storm.

  2. I understand you are new at UFOlogy other wise you would know that UFO orbs have been recorded hiding in clouds. Also the US gov has recorded UFOs within clouds confirmed on radar.

    Why do I write about a UFO cloud, because they are not ordinary clouds. The Fort Belvoir, Virginia UFO incident on Sept of 1957 was when the US military photographed a UFO ring coming out of a cloud and going back in. This is when the US Gov stated in documents that Alien craft do hide in clouds. Google it.

  3. This is a supercell thunderstorm. It has a classic overshooting top and backsheared anvil (the round disc formation you see here). Supercells are capable of severe weather including flooding, damaging winds, large hail, and the strongest tornadoes.

  4. This is a supercell thunderstorm, with classic overshooting top and backsheared anvil. It may actually be producing a tornado or close to it at the time this was taken.

  5. You do know that Fort Belvior is in Virginia not Texas


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