World Largest Crop Formation in Znamensky, Russia 2KM across, May 23, 2011 UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: May 23, 2011
Location of discovery: Village of Znamensky, Russia

Now this is not even close to the common crop circle that we have all come to expect. This crop formation covers not just twenty or thirty meters, but the entire crop of tall grass! That covers about 2.0 square kilometers. Thats right this is literally the biggest crop formation ever seen before.

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Now if humans made this, then there had to have been thousands to get this done over night. The formations of this one is like never before seen. Its seems very abstract but I am sure it has meaning, if we could just get a birds eye view of this entire formation. Note the long shadow over the crop, that is the lifter that the photographer used to take the photo from 20 meters up.

I have no words for how awestruck I am over this crop formation. I believe that these formations are created when the cloaked UFO or UFOs land and thus bend and crush the crops, but this…is very strange. You see, food on this planet is important even to aliens. They understand the significance of not wasting things, not destroying things, yet for them to do this, there must have been some very significant purpose.

Have a look at these photos and videos and see what you think. What message are they trying to send and if you are in Russia in this area, please get us an arial view.

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