UFO sighting in News Video during Oslo, Norway bomb attack, July 22, 2011.

Date of sighting: July 22, 2011
Location of sighting: Oslo, Norway

Credit: yahoo news

I was looking at Yahoo news yesterday when they posted a Oslo, Norway explosion photo (above). I looked for others but could not find it in other photos till I came across some news videos with the UFO in them.

The individual photo above seems more clear than the video, but here is a video that show the UFO at different angles.

Above photo at 0:17 sec into video.

Aliens are very interested in all aspects of humanity, especially our impulses to destroy ourselves. I am saddened to see such a disaster and loss of life, but this news has to be reported.

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  1. I never noticed these back in 2011 when this happened (besides, if I had, it wouldn't have been very interesting in the middle of this horrible tragedy almost 5 years ago when we lost so many lives here in Norway)... But, in the first picture, it almost looks as the front of a helicopter. I don't know if any helicopter was up there at that time, but there may have been e.g. a news helicopter up right after it happened...

    I found it now when looking for a picture of some funny thing somewhere in Oslo that looks like a copper UFO, saw a picture of it on flickr, just wanted to know more about whatever it really is... https://www.flickr.com/photos/petterjensen/2252587405/in/album-72157603876890816/

  2. There has been posted an explanation for this - suspended street lamps. I didn't think of these even if I have seen them there, but it makes perfect sense... See:



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