UPDATE: UK Hacker Gary McKinnon, who hacked US Gov Computers for Free Energy, UFO Sighting News.

For those that don't know Gary he is a UK hacker (Hero to the people) who's only goal was to search for the FREE ENERGY that the US government is hiding. He heard from the DISCLOSURE PROJECT that UFOs use this free energy source which is called element 115. The only reported source was an African meteorite containing the element. So he sacrificed himself to help the people of the world by trying to find a source of free energy. In that way, people with little money could afford to cool their homes in the summer and heat them in the winter. He also reported seeing classified files that say the US military falsifies deaths of soldiers during war to move them off world on a base on the dark side of the moon. He saw their names, ranks social security numbers and names of space ships. This drives the CIA and NSA nuts.

Listen to Janis Sharp Gary McKinnon's mum, who gave her views on the new report by the UK Joint Committee on Human Rights about the US/UK extradition treaty and the European Arrest Warrant. The Committee have unanimously decided that there is a serious need for an urgent re-negotiation of the 2003 Extradition treaty to re-introduce the need for America to provide evidence and if the alleged crime was commited in the UK they be tried in the UK.

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