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Blue UFO In Two Shuttle Atlantis Photos...A UFO Or Top Secret Craft Used By The USAF In Area 51.

Date of sighting: Between Oct 7, 2012 and Oct 18, 2002
Location of sighting: Earths Orbit
Total STS112 mission time: 10 days, 19 hours, 58 minutes
Goal: Atlantis was to deliver a Starboard truss to the ISS

These two NASA photos were taken during the STS-112 mission. In these two photos from the NASA archives is a blue glowing UFO not far away. It looks egg shaped, but I do believe that it's wide disk-shaped.

This might be a UFO, but I do believe there is a high probability that this is in the hands of the USAF. Let me explain in more detail.

In the early morning hours of May 14th 2008, multiple eyewitnesses in Needles, California saw a large blue glowing object fall from the sky. This object had a blue turquoise hue around it. At 3 AM, 15 minutes after the crash, many residents said many black unmarked vehicles with government plates entered the city heading to the area. Five military helicopters were seen over the UFO crash site including one Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane helicopter. This Skycrane was seen lifting up the blue glowing object and carrying it away (said eyewitness Bob who watched from his house boat.)

Bob said he was lounging out on the upper deck of his houseboat when he spotted the UFO coming down from the sky. He watched it as it passed over him. It appeared that the UFO was consumed in flames. He saw the blue object crash into the ground at a 45 degree angle somewhere 100 yards west of the Colorado River on the California side. He was close enough to see it hit and then bounce one time. He heard a loud noise like a thump, but no explosion. He picked up his satellite phone to call 911 and it stopped working...this had never happened to his phone before. Soon military helicopters were swarming over the area and buzzed over his houseboat hitting him with their lights.

Bob watched as the Skycrane picked up the object, stating "It was about the size of a simi trailer. An oblong shaped thing."

I do believe these are photos of that blue UFO Bob saw crash in May 2008. This looks like its the USAF Top Secret craft, possibly called Project Aurora. Scott C. Waring


Results of this weeks Poll.

The Question was, how will alien disclosure happen?
#1=51% of votes says, "Alien motherships will appear over worlds largest cities.
#2=28% of votes says, "Freedom hackers will unleash the truth."
#3=20% or 65 votes says, "Government announcement."
#4-5 is a tie. with 63 votes each. "By people coming forward about their UFO sightings." & "It won't."

I have to say I myself am hoping that hackers will do what Gary Mckinnon (Solo) of the UK did and enter the US military and NASA computers seeking the truth about UFOs and free energy. Gary's is known for the commiting the largest computer hack crime that America has ever caught. Although he is banned from using the computer now, he was a Jedi among hackers. The peoples Champion. 


UPDATE: UK Hacker Gary McKinnon, who hacked US Gov Computers for Free Energy, UFO Sighting News.

For those that don't know Gary he is a UK hacker (Hero to the people) who's only goal was to search for the FREE ENERGY that the US government is hiding. He heard from the DISCLOSURE PROJECT that UFOs use this free energy source which is called element 115. The only reported source was an African meteorite containing the element. So he sacrificed himself to help the people of the world by trying to find a source of free energy. In that way, people with little money could afford to cool their homes in the summer and heat them in the winter. He also reported seeing classified files that say the US military falsifies deaths of soldiers during war to move them off world on a base on the dark side of the moon. He saw their names, ranks social security numbers and names of space ships. This drives the CIA and NSA nuts.

Listen to Janis Sharp Gary McKinnon's mum, who gave her views on the new report by the UK Joint Committee on Human Rights about the US/UK extradition treaty and the European Arrest Warrant. The Committee have unanimously decided that there is a serious need for an urgent re-negotiation of the 2003 Extradition treaty to re-introduce the need for America to provide evidence and if the alleged crime was commited in the UK they be tried in the UK.

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Freedom Hacker Gary McKinnon Inspires Thousands of Future Hackers Around The World, UFO Sighting News.

Freedom Hacker Gary McKinnon Inspires Thousands of Future Hackers Around The World, UFO Sighting News.

The people of the world love Gary McKinnon Freedom Fighter!

Gary inspired the future generations of hackers by his courage to look for the hidden free energy (element 115 found in meteorites) which just a small coin size could power an electric car for 20+ years. This element is also what powers the UFOs that the US is trying to keep secret. Such an energy source would change the world, with a free source of energy and now new generations of Freedom Hackers are forming. Just a few days ago the CIA was attacked crashing its servers for several hours with a group called LulzSec saying they were responsible. Freedom Hackers reminds the governments that it’s the people who still control it.

Gary McKinnon is a systems administrator and is accused of hacking into no less than ninety-seven US military and NASA computers for two years. He goes by his hacker name of Solo, but his real name is Gary McKinnon. He is a British hacker that was being charged with “the biggest military hack of all time.”

How did he inspire future generations of Freedom Hackers? By Gary got onto his computer and easily hacked his way into that very airbrushing room at building eight of Johnson Space Center. He managed to get a picture out of the folder and what he saw on his computer screen was amazing. He stated, “It was a culmination of all my efforts. It was a picture of something that definitely wasn’t man made. It was above the Earth’s hemisphere. It kind of looked like a satellite. It was cigar-shaped and had geodesic domes above, below, to the left, the right and both ends of it, and although it was a low-resolution picture it was very close up. This thing was hanging in space, the Earth’s hemisphere visible below it, and no rivets, no seems, none of the stuff associated with normal man-made manufacturing.”

Gary understood what he was getting into when he started hacking the NASA computers. He says he knows, “unauthorized access is against the law and it is wrong.” Yet, when he is asked what a respectable punishment for a person that has committed his crimes he responds, “Firstly, because of what I was looking for, I think I was morally correct. Even though I regret it now, I think the free energy technology should be publicly available. I want to be tried in my own country, under the Computer Misuse Act, and I want evidence brought forward, or at least I want the Americans to have to provide evidence in order to extradite me, because I know there is no evidence of damage.”

He also managed to get access to some Excel spreadsheets. He says, “One of them had the title, Non-Terrestrial Officers. It contained names and ranks of US Air Force personnel who are not registered anywhere else. It also contained information about ship-to-ship transfers, but I’ve never seen the names of these ships noted anywhere else.” This shows the US has off world military stationed already.

If Gary had succeeded in getting the free energy info to the people, he would have gotten the Nobel Peace Prize. When it comes down to it, heroic Freedom Hackers like Gary McKinnon will one day be responsible for getting free energy and UFO disclosure out in the hands of the people. Till then, for those courageous Freedom Warriors about to hack, we salute you!

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