Do pyramids Contain Alien/Advanced Technology? UFO Sighting News.

The Egyptians were a mysterious civilisation that easily captures the imagination. Their way of living has been easily documented, everything Apart from how the pyramids were built.

The pyramids are structures of such awe-inspiring dimensions that many people across the centuries have found it hard to credit its creation to human beings. And even harder to realise that these human beings had not fully mastered the use of, say, the simple rope pulley, let alone explosives, mechanical diggers, power drills, cranes and helicopters.

So the mystery remains.. How did the pyramids get built?

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  1. There Egyptian governmental forces under the orders of the Brake Aways i,e the SecGov NAZI expats for the last several decades did & still do not want this present global society to know anything about whats inside those pyramids...

    They know that theres a martian connection & a local celestial pwr grid energy harnessing science to those ET made structures imo, that those builders whom includes & were non cacasion martian humanoid & martian reptilian humanoid being involement connections to those structures that those racist expat NAZI Brake Aways do not want expose, & they know if released this potential tech info inside those pyramids will ultimately wreck there established & dangerous paradigm for this present world societys UC...

    In other words if knowledge of a advance tech magnitude of ANYKIND from ANYWHERE beyond this earth that your presently standing on is utilized by the global masses, then they know there currupt existance would end up finished permanently from that point on UC.


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