Pig with "human face" born after UFO sighting claim locals Guatemala Village.

Date of UFO sighting in area: August 2011
Date of birth of pig: August 2011
Location of sighting: Santa Cruz,  Guatemala 

Santa Cruz El Chol has been the scene of a mysterious birth following sightings of strange lights.

Residents of the Central American village are convinced that a pig born with a human-like face is the result of tampering by extraterrestrials after strange lights were spotted in the sky on the night of its birth.

The poor pig, which is one of a litter of 11, has been described as looking like a cross between a human and something from the Alien movies. Farmer Laureano Escobar Arias said: 'I was shocked - it was a really terrifying experience. 
It looked like some kind of alien creature.'

Source: http://www.metro.co.uk/weird/874187-guatemala-pig-alien-born-after-ufos-seen-in-the-sky 

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  1. Did the pig survive? This is a genetic mutation! Not an alien. Happens in humans too & most die w/in several hours
    or days because they cannot survive outside of the mothers womb!


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