Warning About Elinen 23 years ago: On 14 May, 1988 a Puerto Rican man abducted by aliens Told About Meteor Hitting Earth.

On 14 May, 1988 a Puerto Rican man claims to have been abducted by aliens. He talks about the aliens taking him and others to a special location and showing them where the aliens come from and talk about Earths future when a meteorite will hit the planet causing world chaos very soon. Could this be why NASA recently reported that they have mapped 90% of the meteorites in space near Earth? It sounds like the world governments are already aware of this oncoming threat and are trying to hide it from the world so that the public will not panic. Check out this old video, but if you pay attention to the man's non verbal communication then you will see he is 100% truthful in what he is saying. Jump to 2 minutes in to hear about the meteor that will hit earth soon. HE SAYS IT WILL HIT NEAR PORTO RICO, below the USA.

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