Glowing UFO orb over New Aiyansh, British Colombia, Canada- VIDEO Jan 2012.

Screenshot of UFO taken at FULL SCREEN MODE and I enhanced the light only.

Date of sighting: Friday the 13th, January 2012
Location of sighting: New Aiyansh, British Colombia, Canada

A driver in British Columbia had his driving cam on when a giant glowing orb flew over the road and then right before it disappeared, it stopped moving. Usually if its a meteorite, there is a glowing tail behind it and the object have smaller parts of it break off, but not here. This object just turns itself off and right before that happens the front of the UFO morphs revealing a flat front surface. Something you don't see with meteorites. Local BC news reported may calls about people seeing this glowing object in the sky that night and the news calls it a meteorite, but there is no way that's a meteorite. Look at the enhanced photos above.

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