UFO Fleet Over Harlem, New York On Jan 12, 2012 - VIDEO. Same As Taiwan, Brasil, Arizona !!!

Date of sighting: January 12, 2012
Location of sighting: Harlem, New York, USA

This fleet of orbs was seen over New York this week and was recorded by many eyewitnesses. I will load a few of the videos below. The fact that so many videos of the incident exist rules out CGI. These glowing orbs have been seen around the world. Have a look below. 

"I actually saw this near Taipei 101 (Taiwan) on New Years minute but they were too far away to show up on my phone camera. They look the same to me, and I watched them (recording), there were about 20-30 and they disappeared after 3 minutes. I recorded me hitting two of them with my green laser...2 seconds after each hit...the UFO flashed a white light...very odd. Sadly...the UFOs were to far away to make out in the video. They are making their way around the world, last week this fleet was over Arizona and Brazil.SCW"

In below video, look in the far background lower area. Ignore the streetlight reflection, there are a fleet of glowing orbs in the far background...easier to see in FULL SCREEN MODE.

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