UFO Caught On Radar Causing Mass Bird Deaths Over Beebe, Arkansas Jan 1, 2012.

Above imager from last year, similar to this years incident. A Massive UFO hovering, startling the birds below.
Jan 1, 2012 image above and below. Note in the radar images, the circular like shape of giant disk and a triangle heart.

Date of sighting: January 1, 2012
Location of sighting: Beebe, Arkansas

Last year, a similar event took place in Beebe, Arkansas where thousands of dead black birds fell to the ground and we here at UFO Sightings Daily reported it as a possible UFO encounter, however this year less people are laughing at us due to the radar images that are backing up our claims. The radar image was between 14,000-15,000 feet above the ground and doesn't move as most rain clouds do and wildlife officials dismiss bugs and smoke. Eyewitnesses that night report black birds only flying low that night. So something very large was flying over them, startling the birds and causing them to panic again and from what we see on radar, it was something very big and cloaked. As usual, the government is trying to blame it on fireworks, or a large mass of birds, but we all know the truth. They are visiting Earth and something about Beebe, Arkansas keeps them coming back for more. This won't be the last we hear of Beebe, trust me on that. SCW


  1. Hi:

    I am from Philippines, just curious of what we also saw last January 1, 2012 12:15 AM, Manila Time. It is the exact same thing that you posted on your site. On the first look we thought that it's only a firecracker because of the new year celebration. However, those red-orbs dont just disappear. Three of them grew as if they were approaching. We saw them on western skies. Three of them seems to be approaching, and a couple of them around 50 above were moving sideways, back and forth. We also observed that the other three wasn't following the natural curvature of the earth. It travelled as if it's coming down right through us. But it just disappeared. Wonder what it is. I personally started having these kind of interest on extraterretrials because I saw also a triangular shaped shadow wayback 2008. February 2008 me and my bandmates were just hanging out on a 3-story building. We're on the 3rd floor that time. Then suddenly a massive triangular shadow just came accross on high speed around 120km/hr and make a sharp turn to its left, then gone. I came up to an idea that my thoughts are correct. I knew that it's a UFO after I watched history channel's episode of giant triangles that was just aired last 2011. On that episode, a lot of people described it similar the way we saw it. These people came from different parts of the world and whoa! We saw the same thing! Just want to share dude, we dont have any photos, but my colleagues and my bestfriend saw it with me. If you have any explanation regarding these, you may email me at cornstarch.15@gmail.com. Let's seek for the truth.

  2. Hao Yan, welcome brother. You and your UFO sighting has just moved you up to our rank. My UFO sighting built me into the person I am today…a seeker of truth. The triangle you saw looked like a shadow because they use a cloak making them look cloud like, to hide themselves most the time. Aliens have a lot of rule that stop them from revealing themselves, breaking even one of these rules is a major deal to them. I saw over 20 Foo Fighter orbs appearing above our parking lot 20 years ago…and I the only explanation I feel is correct is that there was a underground alien base below Rapid City, South Dakota. I wish I could help you, but you will have to find the answers yourself. The rewards are worth it. Good luck, and no fear.


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