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60 Thousand of Egrets Gather In Shimen Reservoir, Taiwan, Sept 17, 2023, News.


Date of sighting: Sept 17, 2023
Source: My Family video

Yeah this is not a UFO sighting video, it's better. Its a very rare occurring migration of the most beautiful and loved bird in Taiwan.

This is very rare to catch tens of thousands of white Taiwan Egrets at once not traveling but gathering together on the migration path. This video was sent to my by my Aunt who said it was a beautiful moment like no other. I have lived in Taiwan 25 years, and never before witnessed this size of a group of Egrets. Just an amazing sight to see. Recorded at Shimen Reservoir, Taiwan. Very rare, I just had to share this wonderful sight. Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 

 2023年9月17日樟湖村黃頭鷺遷徙爆六萬隻 超過6萬隻黃頭鷺飛越樟湖 賞


The mysterious peeing tree of Taiwan 🇹🇼, video, breaking world news.


I was at a BNB near the beach in Taiwan and two birds landed on my shoulders and stayed on me for 25 min, until I walked back to the BNB area and looked at the mysterious peeing tree. The birds seemed to like it and finally left landing on the tree. This tree got into Two TV News stations here in Taiwan so even they find it unique. On Taiwan. 

 Scott C. Waring

Beach in Taiwan, Two Birds Landed On Me, July 30, 2022, Taiwan Breaking News


I was at a BNB yesterday and decided to take a walk on the beach looking for fossils and sapphires, when suddenly a bird landed on my shoulder and then another on the other shoulder. I looked up and found two beautiful love birds panting hard from the 100F heat here. I let them ride me while I searched then I decided to carry them back to the BNB area where our neighbor BNB owns the birds, then I visited the mysterious peeing tree which just started this week. There the birds flew onto the tree after riding me 25 min. 

Funny thing, one of the birds kept at my necklace until it had unlatched three latches that locked it, before it fell off. I caught it and hid it in my pocket, but then they went for my watch...they love shiny news things. LOL, very playful and curious animals. I fed them back at the BNB and gave them some cold water. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan


5G Towers Killing Birds Worldwide, 5G Frequency Equals 55% The Power of the US Weapon ADS, Tech News. #PETA

World news is telling about hundreds of thousands of birds dying this week for no apparent cause. But birds are sensitive, hundreds of times more than humans. Thats why miners use to take a canary into the mining caves with them. 

The only two new things going on in the world today that could effect birds. First Covid19, if dogs could get it, then some specifies of birds could get it too. but Covid19 is a coronavirus and it usually focuses on a particular species. So that leaves 5G towers. 

Did you know that the US DOD (Dept of Defence) uses a direct energy weapon that uses similar frequencies in a weapon called
the Active Denial System (ADS). The ADS works by firing a high-powered beam of 95 GHz waves at a target—that is, millimeter wavelengths as a non lethal but painful deterrent to controlling crowds. So...95 GHz waves hurt humans! How about birds? 

The frequency bands for 5G networks come in two sets. Frequency range 1 (FR1) is from 450 MHz to 6 GHz, which includes the LTE frequency range. Frequency range 2 (FR2) is from 24.25 GHz to 52.6 GHz. Yes you heard me right. 5G towers can transmit 52.6 GHz which is equal to 55.3% of the ADS department of defense beam weapon that hurts but wont kill humans. 

Birds dead in New Mexico, USA
Birds dead in Japan!

Birds Keep Falling From The Sky: Reports Come In from Missouri, India and Guinea-Bissau


UFO Investigates NASA Orbiter While USAF Jet Investigates UFO In NASA Archives!

Date of discovery: April 2013
Location of sighting: Earths Orbit

Credit to NASA For UFO. Please help us search NASA, ESA, JAXA photo to find proof of aliens. UFOs in Gov photos cannot be debunked! They are indisputable as a source!

Notice the brown UFO at the bottom of the NASA photo. Look carefully and you will notice that it has a bird-like shape. The right wing is in closer view so it is larger...going off screen. The left wing is shorter and behind its body, meaning its pointed down so we can't see much of it. The tail is wide like a birds and its body is round like an insect or bird. Also there is a jet in the background. I altered the contrast to bring out the detail and you can see its nose, body and tail of the aircraft. Clearly the USAF was investigating this UFO as the UFO was investigating the NASA craft in low orbit. SCW

Eyewitness states:
I found this NASA photo rather odd. It appears to have some sort of creature at the bottom of the frame. Is it Godzilla or the Loch Ness? I cant seem to figure it out. What do you think this creature could be? Maybe it is a dinosaur? 


UFO Caught On Radar Causing Mass Bird Deaths Over Beebe, Arkansas Jan 1, 2012.

Above imager from last year, similar to this years incident. A Massive UFO hovering, startling the birds below.
Jan 1, 2012 image above and below. Note in the radar images, the circular like shape of giant disk and a triangle heart.

Date of sighting: January 1, 2012
Location of sighting: Beebe, Arkansas

Last year, a similar event took place in Beebe, Arkansas where thousands of dead black birds fell to the ground and we here at UFO Sightings Daily reported it as a possible UFO encounter, however this year less people are laughing at us due to the radar images that are backing up our claims. The radar image was between 14,000-15,000 feet above the ground and doesn't move as most rain clouds do and wildlife officials dismiss bugs and smoke. Eyewitnesses that night report black birds only flying low that night. So something very large was flying over them, startling the birds and causing them to panic again and from what we see on radar, it was something very big and cloaked. As usual, the government is trying to blame it on fireworks, or a large mass of birds, but we all know the truth. They are visiting Earth and something about Beebe, Arkansas keeps them coming back for more. This won't be the last we hear of Beebe, trust me on that. SCW