UFO droping small spheres over Brazil January 2012.

Date of sighting: January 2012
Location of sighting: Brazil

In the latest UFO news, a video taken at night over Campinas, Brazil on January 3, 2011 has aviation experts and UFOlogists baffled. What are the twinkling, cylindrical lights suspended in the sky? In the video, glimmering lights, rising in a spiraling column hundreds of feet long, is filmed against the inky black nighttime skies over Campinas. As the cameraman films, his family chatters excitedly in Spanish, with awe and even fear, animating the discussion. At one point, a child is heard starting to quake with anxiety. It's that scary. The unidentified flying object begins to spin and morph into a triangular shape as the lights blink from white to red at its center. The OVNI (as it's known in Brazil) folds over upon itself in a way no known aircraft is able to do. Near the end of the four-minute video, the lights simply wink out.

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