Buzz Aldrin Confirms Life On PHOBOS - EVIDENCE The USA Attacked Phobos Satellite To Stop It From Discovering Life On Mars!

Newest Update Jan 21, 2012: Fox News states that Russia was offered the opportunity today to make a moon base with NASA to be completed in 2020. THIS IS A BRIBE TO CALM RUSSIA DOWN, NASA shot down the Phobos satellite to stop Russia from discovering that aliens exist and to say sorry…NASA offered Russia a crumb of its knowledge. Is this crumb off the plate of NASA going to appease the might Russia after what NASA did to their Phobos satellite? I hope not. NASA…is in the dog house.

NEW UPDATE: JAN 19, 2012:
U.S. Removes Phobos-Grunt Data from Web.
The U.S. military has removed links to Phobos-Grunt tracking data posted on a public website detailing orbital parameters of the ill-fated Russian Mars mission that Russia says reentered Earth’s atmosphere over the Pacific Ocean Jan. 15. Click Here For More Info.

Buzz Aldrin, US astronaut confirms Mar's moon Phobos has a huge monolith made by aliens…he risks a lot telling us the truth, and only a fool would not believe him (video below). 

First off, the Phobos satellites consist of two probes launched by Russia to study Mars and it's moon Phobos and Deimos. UFOlogists have stated time and time again that those moons are artificially made and are actually alien ships. Phobos mission would have confirmed this had it not been stopped.

Evidence Phobos is artificial: 1st: Phobos is at such a low orbit to Mars it should crash, but its doesn't. 2nd: Phobos changes speed, it accelerates and slows down…impossible unless it has its own propulsion. 3rd: Scientists (Dr. Singer & Soviet Shklovsky) say that Phobos is hollow, based on calculations.

Remember that failed Russian space probe that was all over the news in December? Well, now Russia is stating that the Phobos-Grunt probe was shot down by some type of anti-spacecraft technology, and they’re insinuating it was a US job. In a very strange interview on Tuesday, the leader of Russia’s space agency, Vladimir Popovkin, said the following about the failed mission:  “We don’t want to accuse anybody, but there are very powerful devices that can influence spacecraft now. The possibility they were used cannot be ruled out,” according to the New York Time’s translation. His nod to US involvement in the incident went like this: ”the frequent failure of our space launches, which occur at a time when they are flying over the part of Earth not visible from Russia, where we do not see the spacecraft and do not receive telemetric information, are not clear to us.”