Two Alien Structures On Moon Have Evidence Of Movement, Feb 2012, NASA Photos.

What is so incredible about this is that these giant towers (which make massive shadows as evidence) leave a trail in the moons surface of where they have been. What I mean is THEY ARE MOVING! The first object that seems to be moving is in Schiller T crater. The second object found has no location posted, but is probably in the Schiller area. The structures look as if they hovered low over the surface and that displaced the sand leaving a trail. Our next question is WHERE ARE THEY GOING? SCW


  1. Are you suggesting that the moon's surface is sand like in nature?

  2. I think that these are large boulders that have broken off of asteroids during impact with the moon . I think that the trajectory of some off these asteroids along with three moons low gravity sent some of these boulders skipping across the moons surface liked a rock across water when thrown at the correct angle , but unlike water the moon has a powdery surface and you can see the tracks. The tracks are always in a straight line.

  3. Astronauts from the moon missions say it is like baby powder about three or four inches thick, but under that the rock was so hard they could hardly not obtained any sample, but they did.


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