UK "This Morning," Show Talks About UFO Sightings In England, Feb 9, 2012.

This Morning ITV-1 Air date Feb 9th 2012. Feature on UFOs. Deleted from the normal iPlayer repeat. This section features multiple UFO witness Bridgette Barclay and a hot debate with Gary Heseltine and debunker Professor Chris French. 

Also Note, those called debunkers or UFO skeptics are often paid employees of the CIA or NSA. Loads of eyewitness reports include such names as President Carter, President Reagan, and Governor of Arizona Fife Symington, US astronauts Buzz Aldrin, James  McDivitt, Gordon Cooper. So with such iconic American heroes standing up and testifying about their UFO sightings...why is there so much disbelief about the existence of aliens? More people believe in god that aliens, yet no one has ever met with god, yet there is more evidence that aliens exist than evidence that god exists. At least aliens are flesh and blood like us. Don't get me wrong, I believe in both, yet scientific evidence and eyewitnesses are nice to have.

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