Alien Structures On Saturn's Moon Iapetus, Close Up. Paranormal News. UFO Sighting News.

Above is close up of below photo.
Date of discovery: March 3, 2012
Location of discovery: Saturn's third largest moon, Iapetus

I was looking at Saturn's third moon Iapetus yesterday and noticed there were many walls and structures with 90 degree angles. I was asked by a reader of this site to show more buildings rather than faces...no problem. I'm on top of it. To find these structures I did it using a FREE Android app called "Heliosphere." This lets me see a 3D map that rotates in globe fashion with a touch of my finger. Oh, they use NASA archive maps to make it and the app sites the links to it. I have to admit the Chinese Yin-Yang symbol was a big surprise to me. Scott Waring
Upper is full view, lower photo is a close up of above photo.

I made this video in hopes of getting others on Youtube to be aware of the existence of aliens on Saturn's  Moon. Thanks Scott C. Waring


Чужеродные структуры на Луне Сатурна Япет, макро. Паранормальные явления и НЛО ПрицельнаяНовости марта 2012 года.

Estructuras alienígenas en la luna de Saturno, Iapetus, de cerca. Paranormal y de los avistamientos Noticiasmarzo de 2012.