Colombia News Reports Two UFOs Seen Over City, March 9, 2012. PHOTOS and Video.

Date of sighting: March 9, 2012
Location of sighting: Barrancabermeja, Colombia

News Report States:
"The photojournalist, Edgar Malagon, a photojournalist for the mayor of Barrancabermeja, said that while on a photography work for a documentary on the oil city of Colombia, his camera captured images of two UFOs that were in the vicinity of the oil complex. He argued that the two UFOs very perfect oval, going at high speed and ran over him at a distance no greater than one kilometer."

SOURCE: http://www.caracol.com.co/noticias/regional/ovni-sobre-barrancabermeja/20120310/nota/1652387.aspx 

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  1. It looks much like an interior down-light reflection on the window between the camera and the view outside.


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