Metallic Orb Flying Over Essex, England on March 2012, Video news.

Date of sighting: March 28, 2012
Location of sighting: Essex, England

Eyewitness states: "Whilst out earlier i spotted a ufo near Kelvdon hatch in essex.
This thing materialized in the sky, and vanished just as quick!! Things are hotting up over essex. Secret nuclear facility hidden in the countryside attracting UFO's?? Who knows, im going to do some exploring over the weekend and see what i can find hidden! Sorry for the poor quality sound my camera seems to be on its last legs. Hopefully i will get another one soon, or sort out that buzz lol."

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  1. I have seen them in California.. I am oliver Cromwells grandson..Maybe the country being stolen from my family has something to do with this and the NWO...


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