Mothership And Base Discovered On Moons Surface, Video, March 2012.

Date of discovery: March 31, 2012
Location of discovery: Earth's Moon

While looking over the Chinese Chang'e 2 Orbiter Map I found a ship that is hovering over the surface of the moon near a crater. Sorry, the map has no names of craters but the Chang'e map is very interesting. The ship seems to blend into the environment easily. Also there are fins on the ship and you can see the dark black cockpit in its front. Under the ship you can see the shadow it makes on the surface which shows us it is flying. Near the UFO I found this bubble shaped building. SCW


  1. That map was a lucky find for me but seems to be a good one i wukk be exploring it alot more shortly and will send you the finds

    1. This and the apollo panoramic photos both. I agree whole heartedly. We are warriors for the truth, and all lies with die before us.


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