Girl Sees UFO On Her 12th Birthday, Gives To TV News, Video, March 2012.

Date of sighting: March 2012
Location of sighting: Lorain County, Penfield, Ohio, USA

News States:
PENFIELD, Ohio - On March 22, the 12-year-old was outside when something in the sky caught her eye. Take a look at the video she captured on her camera. In the beginning of the video, the object looks like a shark or whale flying in the sky, with dorsal fins and a tail. After about 30 seconds in, the girl loses the object. But a few seconds later, it reappears, this time metallic looking as it reflects under the sun. It also seems to have a glow around it and circular indents in the sides. The girl's mother told us she thought her daughter just saw a balloon or blimp until she watched the anomaly her daughter's camera captured. "I couldn't believe my eyes," the mother said in an email. Neither could the Lorain County Sheriff's Office, at first. After watching the footage and coming up with no reasonable explanation, they decided to contact the Department of Homeland Security, as there were known drones in that area. Around 3:45 p.m., the sheriff's office called us and said the mystery has been solved. As many of you suggested, it was a remote controlled flying shark. The wind likely got a hold of it and up, up and away it went.

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