Planet Mercury Has Buildings In NASA Photos! 100% Indisputable Evidence That Aliens Exist.

The featured photo of alien structure in Mercury crater is made possible by NASA. Old pictures before photoshop was invented! Since the first day half a century ago, NASA continues to be hiding the info about the presence of aliens within our system.

The simplest method to prove that aliens exist is by using NASA photos. In doing this they cannot be disputed about who or what took the photos. We want more scientists searching the NASA archives photos of planets, moons and sun photos, by doing this we are able to put pressure on NASA to ensure they disclose the reality sooner. Help by searching NASA photos in your spare time and please put these screenshots and photos with links into a video, posting it to Youtube so the world can see the truth. 

Now I’m sure you’ll inquire, “Why would NASA keep the presence of aliens a secret?” That’s a simple question. The CIA and NSA will classify any information found that might be advantageous to keeping the United States number 1 for security or financial reasons. Aliens could offer technology developments which are 1000′s of years in front of our very own. This will turn our economy to dust. If only these narrow minded people knew that a planet and its inhabitants can survive with out a monetary system.

The NASA Apollo Image Atlas is a great starting point. Why? Since the old images come from a period when NASA didn’t have illustrator so it’s simpler to locate structures. Here is a nice video I made today showing you some structures I found in NASA Mercury photos. SCW

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