Rotating UFO Orb Over Tuscaloosa, Alabama on Video March 2012 Paranormal News.

Date of sighting: March 18, 2012
Location of sighting: Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA

This is a really an intriguing video of a diamond UFO with twin rings rotating around it. Yes...if you look closely you will see the diamond shape. This thing keeps going and going until it finally disappears into the clouds over Tuscaloosa. This UFO is very similar to the Oct 28, 1979 Two Spinning UFOs over a live Dallas Cowboys  (click to view it) game where the announcer said, "Hey...what is that? Can we get the camera man to zoom in on it?" And they did. Wow! The only difference is there was no twin rings around it, but the rotating diamonds did happen. My conclusion. Theres are not manned UFOs but probes sent from somewhere. Lately many probes have been recorded coming out of mouths of volcanos on live video cams. Something interesting must be going on in Tuscaloosa to send an alien probe. Scott


  1. This is some kite toy on the string of a kite. And it happened in the windy season.

  2. Looks like a kite toy to me. See how it winds up and then spins in the other direction?



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