Mysterious monument is proof there was once life on Mars.

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter took this photo of a monolith that was discovered on the surface of Mars. This object even has the shadow the revels that it is in fact standing upright. This has all the signs of being a structure made by an intelligent being. How much more evidence do we have to have before we are buried alive in it? With so much evidence clearly there are powerful forces at work to keep all this secret. 

Source: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/2572537/Mars-monument-proof-of-life.html 


  1. Wow, Scott, it's great to have you back up and running. I didn't realize how often I click back onto your site each day until that dreaded error message.. lol
    This Pic is crazy. The level of denial is laughable at this point. What is this another lens flare? That's the new go to phrase for a lot of pictures recently. It must have been pretty exciting for whoever spotted this first.

    1. Hi, yeah I have no idea why it was down so long. After about 25 emails to Google and Blogger I finally got someone bring it back up again.

      The picture here at the bottom is the one they published on the web, I just blew it up so we could see it has a framework and gives us more detail. Fun stuff huh?


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