NASA Is Monitoring of a UFO near the Sun for May 22, 2012.

Above Shows Pyramid UFO In Orbit. May 22, 2012. Credit SOHO/NASA

Date of sighting: May 22, 2012
Location of sighting: Earth's Sun

This is another video revealing that UFOs do orbit our sun and yet after hundreds, nay, thousands of similar videos are currently on Youtube, NASA/SOHO still refuse to comment on what these objects could be. When someone asked you a question, typically you give them an answer. When hundreds of thousands of people ask you a question, you sure as hell better have an answer! Get with the program NASA, we own you, or did you forget you are a public program? SCW


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    1. No satellite could come that close to the sun and enter its corona...no satellite made by humans anyway, but aliens with tech that is millions or billions of years advanced over us could easily send drone ships to harvest the suns energy waves.

  2. Once again Myunhauzen shows us the low resolution NASA STEREO (not SOHO) photos that show many distortion artifacts. There are 287 photos of the sun on STEREO Ahead EUVE 195 for May 25 (the 24 hour period). All 287 are still there to view, but now they are the full resolution photos (no pixelation or distortions and greater detail). Guess what? There are no "UFOs" in them. Did NASA take the time to edit all 287 photos? What about its other cameras photographing the sun? Does NASA have a huge secret photo lab to edit thousands of STEREO photos every day? And, if those are really UFOs, why does NASA post those low res photos with them in it? Wouldn't it be easier to just post the high resolution photos that show no UFOs? Think about it. Those are low res distortion artifacts, not UFOs.

  3. Bullseye Scott, you got the point on that one! That's exactly what they are doing, harvesting some kind of dark energy from the sun, might be some kind of plasma fuel or who knows, with such adv. Tech maybe they found a way to drain it with some kind of filter and other adv mechs that we dont have... Also keep in mind guys, there are materials that can withstand 10000 + C... Come on guys.. Think about it ;)


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