UFO Mothership Near Sun Appears Again 5 Days Later!! Video/Photos April 29, 2012.

Above photo is of April 29, 2012…Below photo is from April 24, 2012 Both are same UFO near sun.

Date of sighting: April 29, 2012
Location of sighting: Earth's Sun

The discovery yesterday of this L-shaped UFO near the sun has created a stir among the UFOlogists of the world. This is believed to be the same UFO that was seen a few days earlier. Click here to view that sighting. This amazing structure is obviously solid and orbiting the sun, but what's its purpose and should we be worried? This is the same UFO but it has been unfolding and making its shape into two long arms forming a right angle.


  1. This photos are very exating cause its extrange to see something very near to our SUN. That's what i call technology, amazing. Happy 12/21/12.

  2. I'd be happier if I didn't think that this may well be a Domain ship. Nasty characters indeed. For details, kindly see "Conversations With Fraulein Maria", 3 short and cheap Ebooks on Amazon/Kindle.


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