UFO Sightings L.A. Massive Eyewitness Accounts with Awesome UFO Footage May 19 2012

Date of sighting: May 19, 2012
Location of sighting: Los Angeles, California, USA

Bingham claims to have the ability to summon UFOs at will after spending some eight years practicing the skill. To prove his remarkable ability to summon UFOs – which he claims are actually angels here to protect the earth – Robert Bingham scheduled a public event inviting both believers and skeptics to come out and see for themselves. The event was scheduled to occur at 10:30 a.m. PDT across from the Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles, CA on Saturday May 19, 2012. At first only about 36 people were there, then later about 90. Also synchronicity - mexican natives chanting and dancing to the sun and public for peace and the end of war & corruption in their nation were present at the obelisk unrelated to the Robert Bingham thing. A few of the videos just showed up on Youtube.I have heard of Robert Bingham and his abilities to summon orbs. I believe we all have this ability, but you must practice to strengthen it for it to work.  SCW

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