Cigar UFO showing itself to me in broad daylight in Sävedalen (Sweden) 2012.05.31

Date of sighting: May 31, 2012
Location of sighting: Sweden

Eyewitness states: 
A few hours ago (approximately at 21.20 PM) i decided to step outside of my apartment in order to look at the sky for a few minutes, I had a feeling that one of the crafts were going to show up and within a matter of seconds this craft manifested right in front of my eyes in a instance, this happened just a few seconds after I projected the thought that i wanted them to show up again for me during broad daylight, as usual they did listen to my request (as seen on this video).

Lately i have been requesting that they do more spectacular things, come closer and hopefully show me their disc/saucer shaped crafts at close range in broad daylight. Well no saucers flying above my apartment at a very low altitude in broad daylight yet, but nevertheless a spectacular sighting this is indeed my friends!

We are getting close now, I will keep updating the world with their presence, my friends desires for all humanity to become free of the deception by the governments, they have made this very clear to me/us.

The time is now, the world is changing as it is.

We are entering a most fascinating era my friends, nothing will ever be the same again this i am certain of, thanks for the support everyone you are the very one´s making this happen. We don´t need governments or organisations, we need to take back our own power and decided for ourselves what is truth.

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