Newest Crop Circle Discovered In Wiltshire, England Says Date August 4, 2012…Obama's Birthday???

Date of discovery: June 2, 2012
Location of discovery: Wiltshire, England

Crop circles are said to be signs from aliens. How they are made is a mystery. Perhaps clouds orbs come down and make them or perhaps a cloaked ship landed in that area and made it. The possibilities are endless and yet breathtakingly beautiful. This appears to be a polar clock, but the odd thing is it is set at the time August 4, 2012. The time says 19:45:53 Saturday Aug 4, 2012. Compare it with the polor clock photo sat at the same time. On the day something is suppose to happen, that we may or may not hear about. O_o SCW

Wow, as someone said below in comments, August 4, 2012 is President Obama's birthday. Is this another way the aliens celebrate for him, just as they did in the sky over Norway causing a giant blue spiral on the night that Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize? Looks like it's true.