UFO Over Seoul South Korea Caught On Camera, Korea News.

Below photo has real image and near it is a computer analysis of its color balance.

Date of sighting: May 5, 2012 
Location of sighting: Seoul, South Korea

Guys this just hit the news wires in Asia today and I will translate it the best I can. These are some great photos from Korea. SCW

News States: The rumors of UFOs have traveled around the world and last month in Seoul, South Korea pictures were taken of a UFO over the city causing many to ask questions about it. Local experts in the area judged that there is a high likelihood that it is an actual UFO. Chosun Iibo reported last month (May 5th) that he was playing at the amusement park, "Jamsil Lotte World," when he shot some photos of the suspected UFO. Korean UFO Investigation and Analysis Center expert "Xu Zonghan" judged that the object in the photo is a real UFO. Xu Zonghan analyzed the photographs focus and shutter speed which was 1/8000 seconds, which means no matter what kind of object flew past, it would be clearly visible without blurs. Plus the coloration on the right side of the UFOs shadow shows its real. Thus he concluded this UFO was traveling at a very high speed. Xu Zonghan has sent these photos and description to the US agency MUFON to look over. 

Source: http://www.game388.com/blog.html?id=4

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