Alien Base Entrance Discovered On Google Mars Map, July 20, 2012 Close Up View.

Date of discovery: July 2012
Location of discovery: Mars at 45°56'46.91''N, 23°32'15.49''E

While looking over Google Mars I came across an entrance to an underground alien base. This may be an ancient base long since abandoned, but thats anyones guess. This area has a square like shape and you can make out the shadows which show it getting deeper and deeper on its right side meaning it is sloped. The shadows angle matches that of the nearby mountains and rocks so this is not an mistake in the satellite photo, but rather a real ancient entrance to an underground facility of some sort. To find the object just copy and past this into the Google Mars search area, 45°56'46.91''N, 23°32'15.49''E and you will be taken to it. You must zoom in to see it better. Very cool and easy for anyone to check out. SCW


  1. Thank you for sharing.
    Cool! It's there!! How many hours have your been searching Google Mar's map?

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    2. Actually it only took about 20-30 minutes. I sometimes quickly look over the map. Each time in a different location depending on luck and hope. I think of it as a game...like Where's Waldo. Nothing complicated about it.

  2. Thank you for sharing your great discovery again!! How many hours have your been searching google Mar's Map? Very interesting, there really is an entrance. I wonder how many of them are there on Mar.

  3. I have some images from google moon.


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