Washington Farmer Discovers Mysterious Crop Circles in Wheat Field - Aug. 1, 2012

Date of discovery: August 1, 2012
Location of discovery: Wilbur, Washington, USA

Source: http://www.todaysthv.com/news/article/220445/70/Farmer-discovers-mysterious-crop-circles-in-wheat-field

WILBUR, Wash. (CBS/KREM) -- A farming couple in Lincoln County discovered some strange crop circles in the middle of their wheat field. The crop circle is a good distance from any roadway. What made it, or who, or how it got formed, the farmers just don't know. Greg Geib has farmed all his life. He has several thousand acres of wheat outside the town of Wilbur he'll soon harvest. Nothing much baffles him about the crop, but the sight of this does. He says, "You got to wonder to yourself, I'm not ruling out aliens but how they get this done. I mean it's quite a process." Last Tuesday he and his wife, Cindy got alerted to a strange formation of crop circles in their wheat field. Cindy asys, "Everybody has that question. Are they extra terrestrials or are they just a group of people that have a really good sense of humor and an odd hobby. We don't know." The couple found no tracks leading to them. The Geibs say this is the third formation that's appeared around the area in recent years. Like Greg, some people in town don't rule out something extraterrestrial. Others believe it could be local high schoolers. Martha Mengarelli drove 60 miles from Eprata to get a look. She thinks it could be wind caused. She says, "I think a whirlwind created the wind stream and created the circle. I don't know." The Geibs hope to begin harvest with their combines by the end of this week. Greg says, "I've heard stories from the neighbors saying that you get into those areas and it might just up and quit. Who knows what's gonna happen when we get there."

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