200 Meter Across, 1 km long! Cigar UFO Enters Volcano Near Mexico City, Oct 26, 2012, Mexico TV News Video.

Date of sighting: October 2012.
Location of sighting: volcano Popocatepeti, near Mexico City, Mexico

I have been watching the live cam of the Volcano Popocatepeti off and on for several years and have reported many UFOs flying around it and going into it. I even checked it this morning. Please notice its color is EXACTLY like the color of a cloud. Which is what I have been trying to tell you all these years. UFOs have the ability to both change their color and make a cloud shield around them in less than a minute. 

Mexican News was given a video recorded from this same live cam. In the video we can see a 200 meter wide, 1 km long (news states) UFO entering the volcano and is only caught on 4 photos of the cam. The cam is not live video but instead takes a new live photo every 3-5 seconds. SCW

Cam Here: http://www.cenapred.unam.mx/popo/UltimaImagenVolcanI.html 


  1. if this were REAL,it would be like the holy grail of the ufo phenomenom...to me-at the same time it looks like this object,(which i think is manipulated by photoshop or some other app,)is falling BEHIND the volcano...

  2. So if it takes photos every 3–5 seconds, is the speed of the object slow? Hmmm. Makes me think it's fake. No UFOs are like that.

    1. Not really, The UFO has to fit through the entrance of the base, which is probably impossible for this craft to squeeze in the long ways and still...with its size it has to slow down so that it doesn't damage the entrance area. If its damaged then the doorway cannot be hidden. It is probably entering for some maintenance or repairs.

      I have recorded many videos and put them on youtube...so have others of UFOs over this volcano. Its 100% real.

    2. WADR, the UFO does appear to interact with the volcanic emissions at the pixel level, contrary to the scientist's comment. A. Hyneck and J. Vallee concluded that UFO origins are "demonic", and I respect these two for their deep research in this field.

      The China street rescue could be "Angelic"?

  3. Remember the pilot from england who saw a giant cigar shaped ufo? Ask him if it's real

  4. WADR, the object does appear to interact with the volcanic emissions, contrary to the scientist's statement. Both A. Hyneck and J.Vallee concluded that UFO origins are "demonic", and I respect these two for their deep research.

    The China street rescue entity could be "Angelic"?


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