UFO Recorded Over Island Of Pang, Croatia On Oct 9, 2012.

Date of sighting: October 9, 2012
Location of sighting: Island of Pag, Croatia

Report states: An island tourist took this video on 10/09/2012. The sound comes from the street traffic behind the camera man. Ain't the sound from the flying object. Fabio P. stopped on the roadside and filmed it. The road goes along the coast. 


  1. I like this one, it looks reliable

  2. not shour if real
    vut i no there real because seem 1 in the early 80,s made a strange sound 20-40 is size wish i never seen it

  3. watched it no a bettel 1 look under cop recorded ufo sounds u a ufo 2 thatwhat i seen in early 80,s

  4. if u every hear that sound recorded

  5. c if the video i am talking about was seen on the same date april4 ufo recorded by cop i like 2 no my self

  6. we r not alone u every fell like u r been watched from above i do seen strang thinks in my life


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