ISS Live Cam Catches Giant UFO As It Leaves Earth's Atmosphere, Nov 28, 2012.

Date of sighting: November 18, 2012
Location of sighting: Earth's Orbit, at International Space Station

It seems that the ISS is having UFO visits on a weekly basis, but they may be curious about why and how humans live in space and have evolved so fast. I often find myself looking at the cam a few times a week, sometimes catching one, sometimes not. This one was caught by "Streetcap1," of Youtube. The UFO looks massive in size, however it is also possible that its not behind but in front of the Earth and the corona light has revealed the cloaked craft as it passed over it. That means it would be much smaller than you first thought because it's flying over the Earth, not from behind it. Nice catch. SCW


  1. We were taking pictures of the moon and noticed to the upper right what we thought to be a large star or planet; that was, until we realized it was moving. It traveled at a notable speed above our home in Worcester, Massachusetts, November 29, 2012, somewhere between (approximately) 5:00am 5:45am, only for about a minute or so, began to appear smaller and smaller, then faded out. Took a photo, but only a phone pic. Was interesting.

    1. Cool, can you post the photo on the net somewhere and post the URL here so people can see it. Sound amazing and I did see a video on youtube about the same sighting. I will make a post about it tonight.

  2. That was probably Jupiter cause Jupiter that night was visible only until morning

  3. I seen the exact same thing last night and it seemed to be in the exact same place

  4. I seen the exact same thing last night and it seemed to be in the exact same place

  5. I don't think any alien race has any reason to kick our asses. To travel the galaxy they must be clever enough to realize, that life is a precious and interesting thing in space. They must be waaay above our way of thinking of kicking everybodys' butt for no reason at all, just because they can. Also, when they traveled the galaxy, they must have enough of resources to do so, also, they probably gathered resources on the go. They really should not have any reason to kill off insignificant primitive culture in the insignificant corner of Milky Way, orbiting insignificant yellow star.

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