Eyewitness Takes Photos Of Many UFOs In Australia, Nov 2012.

Date of sightings: November 2012
Location of sightings: Hunter region, Australia
Camera: Canon 600D

Eyewitness states:
All photo's were taken at daytime, location Australia NSW Hunter region. Watagans, Hunter lookout, and Toronto. All photo's are still under investigation. 

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  1. The splash dont look real enough and not only that it looked a bit staged.Also you have to be pretty good to follow low flying jets like that and the helicopter just suddenly pops up but you can hear the sailors talking easily so there must have been really good camera and sound crew there because on a domestic recording device you wouldnt get audio and visual like that all separate from each other all the sound levels right it all seems a bit staged. Hey I believe that aliens and ufos exist and have been around as long as time but this does look very staged and edited and too well recorded. A helicopter like that would drown out all the speech as close as that.

    In Indian Vedas it is mentioned that After Satyuga (Era of Truth) when the Kalyuga (Era of Lies, negative things) started all the Gods went Out of the Earth and Inside of the Earth like underwater. After viewing this video, I can trust that belief.

    According to me: those are Ancient gods or so called Ancient aliens living underwater.
    As we also know that there are lots of underwater sea volcanoes which are still now a really good source of energy next to the SUN . They may be using that unlimited energy source somehow to live underwater.

    And as I really believe that Aliens and UFOs are everywhere, on The Moon, Under Water and in the sky


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