8 Foot Alien Recorded In Taitung, Taiwan Declared By Experts To Be Real, World News.

Date of discovery: December 2012 
Location of sighting: Jiaming Lake, Taitung, Taiwan

Photo taken by a police officer. Now this amazing photograph was taken near Jiaming Lake at the city of Taitung. The locals took some photos back in May of 25 and its just hitting the news this week. Experts at TUFOS are stating that it is real and that it is 250 cm tall, has a head of a praying mantis and is looking directly at the person taking the photos. TUFOS also says the alien has webbed like hands. Understand I live in Taiwan and TUFOS is famous because it is publicly funded and has more experts with doctorate degrees than Obama has in his cabinet. 250 cm = 98.42 inches = 8.20 feet tall or 2.5 meters. Locals in the city of Taitung are saying they believe the small round lakes to be an entrance to an underground alien base. They also believe a large dirt mound is possible an ancient pyramid in the area and could be acting as a communication device for aliens. SCW