Glowing Orbs Over Nottingham, England On Jan 17, 2013.

Date of sighting: January 17, 2013
Location of sighting: Newark, Nottingham, England

Eyewitness states: 
Hi, was at work with my company, traffic management for the LAMMA show in Newark Nottingham in January, working outside all day, obviously, when about 1pm we noticed that there was some strange lights in the sky, performing patterns, phasing in and out, multiplying and vanishing just as quick. The most we counted in any 1 sighting was around 8 individual orbs. At 1 point a perfect triangle was formed just rotating almost on an axis in the skies, I’m not very good at judging distances buy they were lower than a plane flies and maybe slightly higher than a helicopter would fly at. They were coming in intervals of around every 30 minutes for a few hours. After the 3rd showing my manager, Marcus, Told me to point my brand New camera at the sky and wait for them to reappear. The reason I bought this camera a few weeks before was for this exact purpose, staring into the skies is a huge pasttime of mine just waiting to catch a glimpse of the unknown.

I was sat still, withy camera for well over an hour and nothing came back, it was almost as if they knew I was waiting and didn’t want to be captured. Was a very eerie feeling, infact the whole day was eerie. Isn’t usual a grand topic at work but for some reason both Marcus and I individually felt compelled to bri up extraterrestrial topics of conversation with many people that day, and then this all begun.

Anyway, shortly after around 4pm, at dusk, I was called to assist in a problem on the other side of the park, t was around that time that the lights returned. Obviously my camera was down and in my work truck but I pulled my HTC out and captured this video….

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