UFO Summoner Robert Bingham of LA, Does It Again, Feb 2013.

Date of sighting: Feb 10, 2013
Location of sighting: Griffith Park, Los Angeles, California, USA

I respect this video because the famous Robert Bingham who can summon UFO orbs from the sky within minutes is being interviewed. Sadly the interview is done by "ThirdPhaseoftheMoon" who is famous for making fake CGI UFOs (Computer Generated Imagery). I never take serious UFO posts by them, however Robert Bingham is not aware of their reputation and probably did the interview because of that. 

Listen to what Robert Bingham has to say about how he did it and what they saw. It really is amazing and if you feel adventurous, search "Robert Bingham, UFO" on Youtube for some real UFO summoning…always successful by him. I have done this myself and it worked, however the orb came up from behind me and when I flipped the camcorder (on tripod) around to fast and it startled the semi-transparent orb…(tennis ball size) here in Taiwan. It was about 4 meters from me on the roof of a 8 floor building. I was inspired by him to try and yes it worked. SCW


  1. See I thought the same at first, I mean I did see some cool things, BUT I have caught him out in his 'EZEKIEL' video, I zoomed in and paused his utube video and saw CONGRATULATIONS printed on a metallic party balloon, and several others are also fake, currently he's left me doubting but I still WANT TO BELIEVE. :)

  2. Seriously, Scott, Robert Bingham is full of more shit than a dead possum. I saw that you put him in the same category as Steven Greer (not stephen Greir as you wrote in the Before it's News article). Referring to both of them in the same category is like putting Steven Hawking and Mr Bean together as a likeness. As the chap above has said, this guy is taking you and anyone else who believes him as a fool. The above chap is the first I have seen to mention the obvious (thank god there are SOME ufo folk with a bullshit meter on). Robert Bingham has access to plenty of helium party balloons. One I saw was a number 5 party balloon, another a pig party balloon! Others with hearts on them. So, what, are the et's meant to be sending us "Congratulations" and "Good wishes"? This guy is out to debunk conscious contact with et craft by getting folk like you to advertise utter nonsense. If you want the real deal, Steven Greer of Sirius Disclosure is it. You can buy the Contact App. at Sirius Disclosure for about $6.99. And it works by the way, and no they don't make contact by sending "Greetings" via helium celebration balloons. Facepalm as my daughter would say.


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