Orb Over Texco, Mexico on March 10, 2013.

Date of sighting: March 10, 2013
Location of sighting: Texco, Mexico

This amazing video of a small orb is a fantastic capture. You can hear the wind blowing rapidly past but this object seems to move only under its own power, the wind has no effect on it. I once encountered an orb like this while orb hunting...it snuck up just 6 meters behind my camera knowing I was trying capture it on video. Close up it looked half transparent, further away it was white. Smart little orbs. SCW


  1. awesome clip scott!!!!
    could you please explain the origin of the picture?
    I find these images to be very original and unusual I also cannot explain what the land is in the background... I do see the orb as it floats across the horizon? no clipping what so ever! which does make this video Authentic, it has been a fantastic response to the SAA. it brings positive feedback to our beliefs!!!!!!!. Nothing has been better. I strongly feel you are onto something! I support UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY , with a passion ,hope of mutual support, and experiences our human intenties have completely understood and learned from your previous experience with the outside world. The facts are present and I stand by them!!!! keep up the perfection of intergalactic exploration. you are a hero to all of our serious input. we have the technology needed to tackle this equation...
    thank you

    1. Thank you, its very kind of you to say that. It means a lot to me. I try hard to keep real sightings only on my site, but a few may slip past me, certainly not on purpose. This one looks very real compared to the similar orb I saw near me…so close I could almost touch it, but my camera was on tripod facing the wrong way, when I flipped it around, it scared it and it moved farther away…about 15 meters and now looked like a white dot in the sky.

  2. In respect to the earlier commenter I more suspect this object to be a blossom! We have them flying around here as well and I filmed them once and they actually appear as glowing spherelike objects, but they aren t! They are simply white! A tree, that could have been the provider for the recorded is visible as well in the first seconds of the vid! I mean I don t know, I have seen nightly orbs filmed in Brazil, I consider genuine, so its not scepticism!

  3. I see where you are coming from, and I too thought it might be a cotton-like hair from a certain tree, but I do believe the odds may fall about 20-30% for it being a real orb, higher than the average 5% so i posted it. You never know. :)

  4. You re right Scott - we never know! So keep on posting! Its a great site! Thanks for it! Kai

  5. You re right Scott - we never know! Keep on posting! ITs a great site! Thanks for it! Kai/Germany


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