UFO Discovered In Apollo 14 NASA Moon Photo, March 2013.

Click on photo to enlarge.

Date of discovery: March 8, 2013
Location of discovery: Earths Moon

Check out this unusual looking UFO as it hangs over the moons surface while the Apollo 14 craft was orbiting the moon. Not all photos of UFOs were edited out of NASA archives. Actually there are quite a few out there but it does take some time and effort to look for them. Remember that astronaut Buzz Aldrin saw glowing spheres on the other side of the crater that he stood at and he also has publicly stated on TV news that he has seen UFOs while in space. There are two links below that show this photo. One is official NASA, but its low resolution...and the other is hi-res but a site where someone just posted the photo on their website to store it for the future...and luck for us he did. SCW

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