Giant UFO Seen Coming Though Suns Surface To Exit Into Space, SOHO April 29, 2013.

Date of sighting: April 29, 2013 13:00 and April 30 2013 01:06
Location of sighting: Earths Sun
Blue photo: EIT 171

While looking through a NASA/SOHO ipad app I found this cube like craft coming out of the sun. Some have suggested that this is not a ship but a door that opens in the sun. Perhaps, but its in a different location in the second photo. You can see from it being half covered in the suns surface that it is not pixilation but instead is a real craft of giant proportions. The app I used I used is called SOHO and is an official NASA app. At 13:00 hours on the 29th it was just breaking through the surface of the sun and then at 01:06 on the 30th it was moving away from the sun. Are giant black UFOs common you ask? They are in space since the greatest camoflauge is to look like the blackness of space itself. I will prove it again by putting a video down below of a round black UFO as it was caught moving over the moons surface by an amateur Italian astronomer. SCW


  1. I've been examining these pictures for quite a few days and I'm certain that this cube is of alien origin.

    1. also, i've seen other pics from these cube/s (spacecraft?) and its amazing how clear they are seen, the reflection on the sides is strong, but not strong enough for what it looks like to be made of some sort of metal/stone type of material (?)

      pretty mysterious anyway...

  2. all soho ufo vids timing out

    whats up Big G??

    1. I think the SOHO site is working, but harder than hell for me to to use. I think they did that on purpose.


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