Two Objects In Mars Photo That May Be Indication Of Life On Mars, March 2013.

Date of discovery: March 2013
Location of discovery: Mars

Look carefully at the giff image above and you will see actually two photos. One with two tiny objects in the sky and the next with nothing. Many people will say these were objects on the lens, but since the photo before and after don't have the objects that argument is flawed. So are the objects living insects or birds? That is more likely since a creature that can move farther and faster by flying has a high chance of survival since it can find shelter and food easier. Was this a UFO...well it is unidentified and it is flying and certainly is an object...but probably not a space craft. This really looks like two living, flying creatures. SCW

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  1. On the michael medved radio show (U.S.) today they discuss shap shifters in the usa, check it out!


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