50 Pound Ice Ball Drops From UFO As Sudden Crop Circle In Shape Of Two Moons Appears in Gray, Tennessee On May 3, 2013.

Date of sighting: Crop Circle, May 13, 2013
Date of sighting: Ice ball, May 10, 2013
Location of sighting: Gray, Tennessee, USA

It doesn't take a genius to add two and two. Its more than obvious both these amazing phenomenons are directly related since they happened within 72 hours of each other. A giant mass of ice fell from the sky near some playing children in a field and less than a mile away a crop formation was discovered in a farmers field in the shape of several moons tied together.

Both those things alone are great evidence that UFOs are doing some kind of mission over the city of Gray, but add into this that the city has a minuscule population of only 1,222 (Wikipedia) and then you notice that the chances that a UFO would be noticed has also dropped dramatically compared to say the city of Los Angeles, CA which has a population of 3,792,621 (Wiki). Less people means less chances that aliens or UFOs would be noticed in the area. Its the perfect location for them to do their experiments or what have you and not be seen.

Also, the news believes that this was a meteor...so presumptive as they always are. Notice the depth of the hole? The truth of the matter is (I am an collector of meteorites) that any ice meteor would have burned up in the atmosphere and also NO MEGACRYOMETEORITE FALLING FROM 150 MILES UP AND TRAVELING AT A SPEED OF 11-70KM PER SECOND WOULD MAKE A SHALLOW HOLE! That being said, if it hit near the kids the impact would have created an explosion from the speed alone that would have decimated the kids and their home not to mention make an incredibly deep and wide crater...big enough to give the kids a new swimming pool...sorry, neighbours kids since these kids would be dead. 

In other words, since the depth of the hole made was that of only 2-3 inches...this fell from only about 50-60 meters up. Probably fell from a UFO that had too much ice clinging to it from space, and since they are a million or more years ahead of us in technological evolution...their ship would be cloaked. Ice clinging to spacecraft could gather through space the longer the distance traveled.

I predict that if a small UFO group was formed in Gray armed with camcorders and night vision as well as infrared cameras, we will be seeing some amazing evidence to the fact. SCW


  1. I live in Gray and we have seen some weird stuff now and then. I have sort of been waiting for something like this.

  2. I live in Gray and am not surprised to see this.

  3. I live in Gray and we have seen some weird stuff now and then. I have sort of been waiting for something like this.

  4. esta custion es real yo soy chileno y estidio historia y geografia y se preguntaran como hocieron los moay ?, como hicieron la piramide egipcia ?. con exyaterrestres o seres no identificados ? todo esto lo tapa el govierno de EE UU Y EL AREA 51 estan de acuerdo con migo amigos ???

    es un DRON. también fue usado en Nepal, para filmar lo que dejo el terroto en devastación. las imágenes que captan son increíbles. Los usan muy seguido ahora debido a la gran capacidad de movimiento libre y flotante. d enoche desprenden luces también. la pregunta es: Puede un DRON volar a semejantes alturas?. es decir si es manejado por control remoto a mas distancia se perdería la señal..quizas me equivoque ..saludos.
    Los drones ahora están mas evolucionados en tecnología. creo fueron usado en la guerra con Irak. Japón tiene unos Drones alucinantes. ya de seguro pueden volar a grandes alturas y a altas velocidades. aunque iempre mantendré mi atención a la posibilidad de que sean objetos del espacio. ya que los Drones son tecnología resiente y los avistamientos son bien antiguos.-


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