Disk Caught On Live Can Near ISS On May 19, 2013.

Date of sighting: May 19, 2013
Location of sighting: Earths Orbit at ISS

Just one day from our last UFO/ISS report another video is made with a disk like craft near the ISS flying at an angle. Remember artificial gravity will allow your ship to be in any position you want it without effecting you. Space is fun that way. SCW

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  1. That object really freaked me out... My heart started to race because I thought do we have new players visiting us now... I've never seen an object like that... Awesome footage guys. Thx for the post

    I like it how almost everyone here is look for a reason not to believe in it. It's almost like they want to deny it instead of actually trying to make a logical and proper hypothesis.

    I do believe in alien life form. It would be crazy if we were the only life form in the whole universe lol. But wouldn'd a UFO travel so fast that it's hard to catch on video?

    for the people that say you only see what they want you to see or sum bullshit tries to regulate why it is what it is. plz stop. yes these people could be lying. but if they are not who says that earth is the only place people can live. Idk if its true or not nor do I honestly deepely care but you didnt create this universe so what makes you believe aint shit else out there but the people here. nigga stfu. I should really beat yo azz cuz IK YOU A KEYBOARD WARRIOR SO I WOULDNT EVE IF I SAW WOULDNT BE FUN BUT ID STILL HIT YOU FOR YOUR LACK OF CREDIBILITY. instead of trying tto always see whos wrong if yyou give a fuck so much try to prove him right. and then say he is wrong if u cant find shit your selves


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