Small UFO Enters Massive UFO Hidden Inside Cloud Over Lake Van, Turkey April 2013. UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: April 2013
Location of sighting: Lake Van, Turkey  (Turkish: Van Golu)

News States:

The owner of the local weekly newspaper, Murat Çurku went with a messenger to take pictures of a picnic on Sunday. They went to the beach pier located on the shores of Lake Van. Çurku went wandering around taking pictures on the beach for a while. The massive Pier along the coast of the northern part of Lake Van, near the island of Çarpanak must have attracted the attention of an object. He said that the UFO quickly changed its shape and began to move to the cloud-like giant UFO.  Now in his hands was the camera and he instinctively began to photograph it. Çurku is still living in great astonishment at what he saw across the lake, he said: "The weather was beautiful, and I went to take pictures of the coast and pier. I saw an object around Carpanak Island. I did not pay much attention, but then I saw the object change its shape and began to move. The object's shape was reminiscent of a typical UFO. Then it left. I've never seen anything like that in my life. I was in great confusion. What I've seen I do not know what the object was, but I would say UFO."


  1. um, that's a ship seen through the optical illusion heat-shimmer of the water.

  2. independence day is the fate of man
    ask yourself why would the aliens want
    to help man kind with all the problems
    we have the different UFO shapes sizes etc.
    indicate that the UFOs are united the aliens
    that are vising earth are united
    man is not


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