Two UFOs Caught Exiting/Entering Earths Sun On SOHO Images, May 14, 2013.

Date of sighting: May 14, 2013
Location of sighting: Earths Sun

These UFOs were recorded using NASA/SOHO imaging. In one of the images there are two round UFOs. In inside a black square and one outside the black square. This seems absolute proof that UFOs are leaving through the surface of the sun using their advanced technology. Their purpose is far beyond the knowledge of our scientists so don't expect an explanation from NASA anytime soon. SCW 

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  1. And the human race looks on In awe, whilst the elites banking cartel have us enslaved In debt, there ready to kill us and nobody can see.

    Well iv'e decided it's shaped exactly like the objects that swarmed in earth's orbit around the debris of a failed nasa exercise...the famous 'tether' incident

    looks spherical... I see lights off in the distance of the main object. bursts of beams going off too. other videos.. identical. beams that are longer than the sun. has to be a war. possibly for the exclusive ownership of the sun itself. if there is a war in space.. just tells us how unimportant we are as a species limited in every way. to them we are nothing. there are people, and military heads that know. really does matter who knows. we'd be powerless to do anything.just microbes on a universal scale.

    Why would an alien ship park next to the sun???? Maybe it was cold...its obviously something we can't understand because it's in space along with billions and trillions of other shit we will never see or understand...


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