How To Build A Laser Communicator To Send Messages Into Space. UFO Sighting News. Cool!

I wanted to send messages into space. You know...I have a UFO site and all. I have done this over the years, but its cost me, so I decided to find a way other than old tech radio, to send messages, thoughts, greetings or whatever into space. Why not? I mean the light from the laser travels...at the speed of light. So messages will literally travel for years before they spread out to much to be read. The stronger your laser, the more likely that the message will be received, because its power will keep it together longer. So I replaced the red laser with a green pen laser of 100mw, but later I will replace it with a 400-500mw pen laser. The kit was fun to make and interesting new tech. DARPA just stated this year that they are working on a laser communicator for use with the International Space Station, so this must be fun if DARPAs messing around with it. 

Hope you like the video, its long winded but I wanted to explain everything so you could know about it before you jump into buying the kit. 

Tonight I will record a message, plug this the transmitter into my wall and put it in the window aimed up into space. I then put the message on "repeat" and leave it for about 2 hours. Oh, and if you just want to see it work, jump to 7:10 into the video. Take care. 
Scott C. Waring-Taiwan

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