UFO Caught Near Jet Over Ocean Near Islands, USA May 2013.

Date of sighting: May 2013
Location of sighting: Over Ocean near Tahiti, USA

Now I know this looks like its a fake and I would jump to that conclusion and not even post it except they start the video with real unaltered footage and for the fact that I posted a video that I took last weekend of a similar orb checking out a airliner. Mine is 100% real...and was taken in Full HD with a steadier hand than this guy. This person bounces around the camcorder, so much so it can't be a fake because it ruins it. What I mean is he loses track of the UFO and can't keep up with it. Unlike me...he saw it when it happened and I am surprised that he did see it. Most modern day cameras have only a lcd screen to look at and its obviously sunny so how did he see this tiny UFO near the jet? He does have a nice zoom that helped a lot. I say its real...#1 the UFO has less detail than my videos UFO last week. #2 the guy obviously is not a professional photographer or he would have kept on the subject...the UFO. And 3rd, we saw it go down but he panicked and shook the camera erratically so we don't actually know if it went under water or not. As always, you decide. 

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  1. Lovely photo and heart connection. I can almost feel the wind in my face and hear the waves crashing on the shore.
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