May 29, 2013

UFO Crashes Slowly Into Lake Titicaca, Peru Recorded By Several Eyewitnesses, May 18, 2013.

Date of sighting: May 18 2013
Location of sighting: Lake Titicaca, Peru

Second Eyewitness account here: 

Many might assume that this is a meteor but its not. Meteors have one tail that breaks up in sections, this has two tails that are not broken up. No reports of plane crashes and Peru is not exactly famous for it's failing nuclear missile program or it's equally non existent space program, so that leaves us with only a few options. 

One, Brazil decided to go to war with Peru to compound its own poverty by stealing Peru's budding poverty or two...this object came from space and is unidentified as of yet. 

I'm going with #2 for now. Although I'm rooting for #1 just because its in my nature. 

For now, people in the area of Lake Titicaca should keep their cameras ready to record any military or black helicopters scanning the area trying to secretly recover this UFO, but if we're really lucky, some civilian in the area will get to it first. SCW